I am actually trying not to compare them!  Of course I cannot help myself, just a bit. I am dialing this whole thing down as my Buisness is closing.  All the extra gear is slowly being sold.


This is sort of a spoiler for something that is not yet published here in AS.  I am firmly in the #FutureFi camp where we see “self powered” speaker systems expand in the market.  I have had four systems in my home this summer that all fit into this camp.  Each one stands up pretty good in their own price class.


1. Kii Three + BXT

2. Dutch and Dutch 8c

3. Buchardt Audio A500

4. Elac Navis ARB-51


In my quest (probably never-ending) for a proper fit I have started to settle down into a systems design where there is a single box with music, etc.  Server/Streamer/DAC that feeds the speakers.  With that flavor of design I started chasing speakers two years ago with the Kii system.  The Dutch and Dutch came in with the promise of no gear other than the speakers in the listening room, they are not there yet. These two were the core of my idea.  Then came COVID-19.  Screeching Halt.


Along with COVID-19 I have a personal health problem that I have to attend to!  So dialing it back; with some real thought into simplicity and sound quality.


The Kii Three + BXT is some of the best money you can spend at around $40K.  They are very tight, even, and precise.  You can put them in almost any room.  As a set they present a line driver style sound front that has solid impact.  The Kii system dominates your stereo design with their Kii Control.  Consider how this works when you build a system around them.  


The Dutch and Dutch 8C is an anachronism.  It looks like a over weight bookshelf speaker.  They kick like there is a  sub-woofer in the room.  Yet there is a delicate quality to them too.  They need really good supports.  For $16k list or so, they belong on your list.  There are some limitations and some promise here.  They have one input.  XLR Analog that can be switched to AES/EBU.  We are still waiting for what appears to be active development of direct software streaming to them.  


There will be an article published here on AS about the A500 so I will leave this for the future.  Keep an eye out. 


The Elac Navis ARB-51 were only hear for about a month and they present a nice soundstage and while not quite up to what I want, they are well worth your study.  I did not like the sound through the discovery connect system, it disappointed me.


Please read @mitchco reviews of the the first two.  His reviews greatly informed my choices here.  I have also worked with him on Roon Room Correction.  



This is all a fast moving target.  Next week something new will come along.  For example the new KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers.  

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